Lock and Load Suspension Strap System: Standard


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The Lock and Load strap allows for true functional resistance training in full on live sports such as Boxing and MMA

– Includes a steel carabiner hook with a locking mechanism

– Includes an Instructional DVD

– Revolutionary “Hands Free” Training Device

– Produces Immediate Gains in Strength

– Targets Core Muscles Groups and Minimizes Injuries to Small Joints

– The Lock and Load by HIRT Fitness Allows True Vector Functional Training

The Lock and Load patent pending inner locking strap that can be attached sand fixed to any point in your body. The Lock and Load adjustable strap system can be connected to a cable, suspension strap, or elastic band for true functional resistance training. With the strap in place compound movements can be comfortably performed. Not only can you truly train hands free but also you will significantly increase the mouth of weight you can lift. Most athletes were able to increase their power by 50% to 100% or more. Additionally, they were able to isolate and target core, obliques, abdominal, gluteus, and thighs in ways that were not possible until now. Lock and Load strap is very effective for woman, with the Lock and Load you can uniquely target the inner thighs, upper glut’s, lower abdominal and pelvis. Best of all, its hand free and you will get cut, not bulky, ripped, not flat. The beauty about the Lock and Load strap is that its very versatile. It can be used at home, gym, football field, cross fit circuit, the ring, yoga studio or even in a hotel room. It can complement almost any training program.

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