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The HIRT is unique, it is a program that exploits a metabolic pathway that we almost never use and accelerate to achieve extremely fast and effective body shredding. Without trying to be too technical, our research has found that unlike weight training and aerobics, there is a secondary anaerobic pathway that is partially used by some athletes such as boxers and MMA fighters.


The same pathway is used in the animal kingdom by predators such as lions and cheetha’s. HIRT not only isolates this pathway but exploits it and takes advantage of its ability to cause muscle hardening, fat loss, and intense definition. We call this pathway the HIRT pathway and causes your body to dramatically increase your levels of growth hormone (IG-F), testosterone, and fat blasting hormones.   What makes the Lock & Load different than any other belt on the market is that light weight Demron® material provides remarkable support and flexibility without the body cutting and chaffing associated with traditional weight belts.