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The Lock and Load belt is designed for superior lower back support by the internationally renowned spine surgeon Ron DeMeo, M.D.  It’s the most comfortable and supportive weight belt on the market today!

The Lock and Load strap system is a complete full-body training technique that provides hands-free suspension. The design and composition of our equipment allow for remarkable support and flexibility without body chaffing or cutting.  The adjustable strap system provides true functional resistance training.

Lock and Load equipment ensures the highest level of sports performance and training for all fitness levels.  It’s patented and fun to use, and you’ll see immediate gains in strength. From beginner to pro – all fitness levels will benefit from our powerlifting belts and straps. And with over 100 exercises, this system delivers results!

  • Our equipment is worn by internationally recognized professional athletes and bodybuilders. Get yours today and start training like a pro!
  • Reduce Injury with Superior Lower Back Support
  • Adjustable Strap System Allows Real Functional Resistance Training
  • Increase Training Efficiency
  • Heavy-Duty Materials and Superior Quality Construction
  • Delivers Measurable Strength Gains
  • Equipment Built to Last
  • Made in the USA
  • All-Military Grade Materials
  • Over 100 Exercises Can Be Performed
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Results. Results. Results.